• Brigadier General Saleem Ahmad Khan, SGP, ndc, afwc, psc, te NDC




International peace and stability are indispensable foundations laid in the
constitution and foreign policy of Bangladesh (BD). BD has engaged in a spectrum
of United Nations (UN) peace operation since 1988 and within a very short time
became a key player. BD’s contribution so far did not follow through a national
policy. Through the policy guidelines, BD may focus different dimension of
peace operations that leads to concerted efforts by different stakeholders. While
developing national policy guidelines on UN peace operation, BD may address
all aspects covering UN policy guidelines, future challenges and trends, challenges
and achievements of BD including approach of different countries. Special focus
may be given on consultation process at the UN HQ, protection of civilian,
training, operational, logistics and leadership requirements. The issues related to
human rights, international humanitarian law, sexual abuse and exploitation would
have to be given zero tolerance. BD may have to maintain rapid deployment
capability in order to get an edge over other contributing countries at any point of
time with appropriate training and logistics preparation. Gender mainstreaming
may remain as a priority with respect to women, peace and security. The peace
operations related issues of some of the countries may be useful for policy
formulation as well. The Government may focus on diplomacy in the countries
where peacekeepers are deployed. National policy demands setting the agenda
with well-articulated farsighted objectives. The policy guidelines may consider the
diplomatic engagements with opportunities; workable decision making process
through a national committee; roles, and responsibilities including capabilities of
different stakeholders to share and optimise resources. It may also cover training
including capacity development, regional cooperation, peacebuilding efforts with
utilisation of civil societies to enhance civilian capacity in the peace operations.
BD needs to establish ‘UN Peace Operations Wing’ under the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs in order to effectively deal with the subject taking all stakeholders on
board. BD may form an organisation (with extended role of Non-Government
Organisation), to get engaged in the mission areas for development work through
bilateral engagement. Above all, BD needs to consolidate gains, continue greater
contribution to world peace as well as focus on sustained peace in the mission


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