• Colonel Ben-Bella Ahmed Raji ndc, FSS MSS Psc+ Bsc, PGD NDC




This research project titled ‘Nigeria’s National Security: Challenges and Prospects
for the Armed Forces’ was necessitated by the concern for the preparedness of
the Armed Forces to face the challenges posed by the new dimensions of threats particularly those emanating from within the state which have direct impact on
Nigeria’s national security. The study examined national security threats, identified
challenges of the threats to the military and proffered strategies to mitigate them in
order to enhance national security. The study, which covered the period between
1990 and 2011, gathered data through primary and secondary methods and
employed descriptive method of analysis. The major findings of the study included
the lack of an elaborate national security policy, poor judicial system, manpower
shortage, poorly trained and ill equipped Nigeria Police, poor intelligence, lack of
modern technology and the military’s inadequate capability in counter terrorism
and irregular warfare operations. Finally, the study recommended the review of
the national security policy, implementation of the recommendations of the reports
of inquiries, transformation of the Nigeria Police and the judiciary, effective social
security network for the citizenry and strengthening border security. The Border
Guard Bangladesh was suggested as a brilliant model which could be studied and
adopted. It was also recommended that the military was to enhance capacity in
counter terrorism/counter-insurgency operations and non-kinetic capabilities in
Irregular Warfare. The strategy adopted by the Sri- Lanka Armed Forces in the
defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was suggested as an area for further
study and possible adoption by the military in dealing with terrorism in the country.
In addition, the military was to intensify measures on intelligence gathering, build
capacity on information warfare and seek the Nigerian Government’s approval for
manpower increase.


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