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Capstone Course or similar courses in different names are conducted both in civil and military institutions with diverse or similar magnitude and objectives. In Bangladesh, the Capstone Course on National Security and Strategic Studies at NDC is designed to advance knowledge, skills and networks related to multilateral security cooperation in Bangladesh among senior law / policy makers, security- practitioners, judges, executives, civil society representatives and other distinguished personalities of the society. The aim of Capstone Course conducted in Bangladesh is to enable higher level leadership / elites of various strata / segments of the society to have common understanding of major national challenges connected to security and development of Bangladesh. The course curriculum is quite broad with pedagogy ranging from classroom interaction to field visit. On completion of 6th course, evaluation pointing is very high with positive result. It is very much educative, beneficiary and act as eye-opener for many participants in regards of many security issues of the nation. National Defense University (NDU) of USA conducts Capstone Course since 1983. The course’s focus is on the highest levels of strategy, integrating the elements of national power to achieve national security objectives. In NDU of Pakistan, a capstone endeavour is made in the name of National Security Workshop (NSW) since 2003. NSW is aimed at enabling the senior leadership from various segments of the society in understanding national security issues and policy formulation processes. Air University of USA, NATO Defence College of Italy, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom also conduct similar courses. Capstone Course in Bangladesh has, by now created a positive impression and contributing positively in all sectors in our country in terms of national security and development. Therefore, its magnitude in relation to duration, number of courses in a year and inclusion of some more subjects may be taken into consideration.


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