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This article is about the significance of the decision-making process at the state level. Discarding
the notion of single person authoritarian strategic decision making at the apex, the article underscores
the need for democratic participatory decision-making in the context of developing countries.
The core issue is how best stakeholders can be drawn into the policy cycle to design citizen-friendly
policies and development projects with accountability and transparency. The study also stresses
the need for involving decision-makers including government servants, experts, technocrats, civil
society, NGOs and all possible stakeholders through institutionalised decision-making. The case
study of Bangladesh illustrates how involvement of stakeholders creates conducive environment for
implementation of public policy and increases the level of confidence between political leadership
and citizens. It also underscores restructuring of government organs and rules of business in order
to make the decision-making process a mandatory part of national policy. This paper emphasizes
the importance of participatory decision- making in relation to the national strategic policy cycle
and suggests a particular model of decision- making for Bangladesh.


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