• Brigadier General Md Nasim Akhter, ndc, afwc, psc NDC




Food security is not just about “demand and supply” of food; it encompasses
“availability”, “accessibility” and “utilization” by every households and
individual at all time. Bangladesh cannot be termed as food secured country
as it is yet to meet the facets of food security definition. Poverty is the biggest
impediment in achieving food security in Bangladesh. It is also a source of hunger.
In last three decades Bangladesh has tripled its rice production keeping pace
with growing population, one of the densest in the world. Significant progress
has been made in other crops production like wheat, vegetable, livestock, poultry,
fisheries etc too. The country, hinging between “self sufficiency” and “near to
self sufficiency” in food, mostly depends on bumper production or damage by
natural disaster which is very often and severe. Shrinking land, effects of climate
change and erratic nature are causes of food insecurity besides malnourishment,
hygiene, inapt policies implementation, poor market infrastructure etc. The study
analyses the programs, laws, rules and policies undertaken by the government to
attain food security revealing that poor and disjointed implementation remains as
hindrance in accomplishing those. The study suggests that a separate supervisory
authority may be formed to plan, coordinate and monitor implementation of
appropriate polices for Bangladesh. Furthermore, modernizing cultivation
and large cooperative system are two cardinals Bangladesh agriculture has to
embark upon in order to increase production in future. Weather resilient high
yield varieties, genetically modified and bio-tech varieties should be invented
and released sufficiently to the farmers. Use of ICT especially in enhancing
extension system is of paramount important. It is felt that food security could
be incorporated in the list of MDGs since most of its (MDG) targets are similar
to the components of food security. The thesis concludes by suggesting that the
definition of food security, if pursued with sincerity and wisdom the country will
be able to do away with hunger forever.


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