• Lieutenant Colonel Kamal Akbar, afwc, psc, Inf NDC




Bangladesh faces environmental aggression due to ‘Climate Change’ which poses numerous insecurities to the state. Being the prime stake holder, Bangladesh Armed Forces need to hunt this threat for pursuing the national security interest. Impact of climate change includes: increased disaster, sea level rise, loss of agricultural productivity, shortage of safe drinking water, salinity intrusion and most importantly influx of millions of ‘Climate Refugee’. Realizing the consequences, Government of Bangladesh made Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP) in 2009. Government agencies are facing challenges to implement BCCSAP due of lack of resource, knowledge, infrastructure, tools and capacity. Undertaking numerous nation building projects in the past, Bangladesh Armed Forces have proven their competence to support the BCCSAP. Many countries have already developed their security strategy to deal with Climate Change. If ‘Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation’ is considered within the purview of ‘Disaster Risk Reduction’ then the Armed Forces can play their role in the BCCSAP under the existing framework of National Disaster Management chain. Bangladesh Armed Forces may undertake renewable energy projects, forestation, and conversion of its automobile to CNG to support the mitigation strategy. To support the adaptation strategy it may spearhead scientific research program and undertake projects like: water treatment plant, mega food storage facilities, agro farm, disaster resilient infrastructures, flood shelters, awareness and communication centers etc. It may assist the GoB to prepare for the legal consequences of sea level rise and pursuing the interest of ‘climate refugee’. Bangladesh may take advantage of its expertise, experience and exposure of Disaster Management (DM) capacity in the international forum to develop an Institute for Climate Change and DM by necessary funding from the developed countries. Bangladesh needs to raise voice against this environmental aggression to materialize its aspiration of becoming a developed country by 2041.


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