• Brigadier General Mohammad Saber, ndc, psc, G NDC




National security essentially means safeguarding the territorial boundary of a nation-state
against external aggression and ensuring a cohesive society. Any thing which comes in the way,
whether internally or externally, is a threat to national security. The question of national security
in the 21st century context has emerged as a topic of intense debate in national, regional and
international forums. Traditional militaristic and state-centric security discourse can hardly
encompass contemporary problems of security. The non-traditional dimensions of national security
and the inadequacy mechanism of a state to deal with such issues are equally serious threats
to a country. Bangladesh faces wide ranging traditional and non-traditional threats of serious
magnitude to her security. Changes in the sources, level and nature of threat over time constitute
a new dynamics in the concept of the national security of Bangladesh and have moved to the
top of its security agenda. Therefore, need for a comprehensive study to comprehend traditional
and non-traditional threats and challenges to the national security of Bangladesh demands high
priority. A perspective analysis of challenges threatening the national security of Bangladesh both
from traditional and non-traditional points of view, covering socio-politico-economic, environmental
and external aspects, including options to address these, shall put an effective check on her multidimensional
sources of insecurities, and eventually will help resolve the dynamics of security
challenges of Bangladesh.


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