• Joint Secretary A B M Azad, ndc NDC




Bangladesh is a very small country in terms of size.So land is a acute crisis item
in this country. Rapidly declining land-man ratio is about to push Bangladesh
economically unsustainable level. On an average about 220 hector of arable
land is being converted everyday to develop housing and infrastructure. The
study shows that present land records are in a dilapidated condition, existing
land administration system is ineffective and legal provisions particularly land
related legal systems are backdated and almost obsolete. Service seekers and
land owners are always facing undescribable sufferings in this area. The ominous
picture deserves a vigorous change in the existing system of land management.
The huge volume of land records data requires creation of fully automated data
base, digital survey system and web-based flow of information for establishment
of a need based use plan which ultimately ensure rational and calculated use of
the scarcest resource i.e. land. Previous Land reforms and digitization efforts are
not effective nor encouraging. In fact, digitization is not mere an introduction
of ICT. The main objective of the digitization of land management is to arrange
speedy and user-friendly service to the sevice seekers and formation of a realistic
land use plan at all relevant level. Development of a web based land information
system at Upazila level and issuance of legally authenticated Certificate of Land
Ownership (CLO) would be a gigantic task. The research suggests that, without
effective political commitment at top level and full professionalism, challenges of
digitization cannot be addressed. The real effects of changes with technical and
human needs to be carefully considered and reform should have proper adjustment
in the respective context. Bureaucratic limitations should be managed by ensuring
participation of civil society and private sector entities which will consolidate
the reform effort. In this effort,most important program is improvement of the
institutional capacity and enabling legislation. Consciousness at all level should
be developed as a movement. Only then some positive impact can be visualized.


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