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Bangladesh and India maintain one of the most porous borders in the world. The synthetically created border divided the people of both the countries into two segments. The erection of barbed wire fence by India along the border has created further mistrust with other issues like smuggling, drug and human trafficking, harassment, killing by the BSF with other associated immoral activities. Exchange of enclaves, clear demarcation of the border, issues of adversely possessed land are yet to be settled. On the contrary, sufferings of the people of enclaves know no bound. Other countries, having similar problem, managing the border adequately valuing humanity and showing respect to the law; and is not like the existing system of Bangladesh – India border management. Seemingly, both governments have taken many steps to solve all the border related issues. However, those have not seen the light due to the absence of ground level implementation. Recently, a few positive steps further have been taken by both the countries like signing of a new protocol addressing all the border related issues, reopening of border Haats, joint coordinated patrolling, use of non-lethal weapon by the BSF etc. Nevertheless, its proper and positive implementation remains as a main barrier. At this juncture, the BGB and the BSF may be authorized to intensify the joint coordinated patrolling with specific modus operandi. The border intelligence sharing system between two countries should be institutionalized. Cross-border trade and number of border Haats should be increased. Both the government should be sincere and put their devotion to implement the protocol signed in September 2011. Steps should be taken to have adequate income generating projects to commit the people of the bordering area. However, Bangladesh – India border management issue depicts technical, organizational, financial and political dimensions involving both countries. The future relations between two countries largely determine and hinge on this issue.


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