• Commodore Syed Irshad Ahmed, (E), ndc, afwc, psc, BN NDC




The sea has always been known as mystic world and considered to be the reservoir of huge natural resources like various energies, minerals, fishery, flora and fauna.  Seafarers had been putting their endeavor to explore and exploit these resources for individual as well as for the benefit of mankind since long.   However, the effort couldn’t bring much outcome till the last decade of 20th century.  With the advent of modern technologies and introduction of UNCLOS, the maritimeventure particularly by the developed & developing littoral countries has got tremendous momentum in the 21st century.   Accordingly, a number of countries, in the last decade, have adopted ocean policy of their own; some others are seriously going for the same.  Many under-developed nations, with the assistance of developed world, have also started harnessing the maritime resources.  Two closed neighbors of Bangladesh and littoral of the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar and India, have also been enhancing exploration & exploitation of natural resources from the same bay since last few years.  As littoral & densely populated state as well as aspirer of middle income country, exploration & exploitation of maritime resources seem to have some implication for present and future national development of Bangladesh in terms of economy and employment, earning & efficiency of the people.  Prior to that the country needs to evaluate its existing and prospects of maritime-resources and accordingly move forward with appropriate policy encountering various challenges.


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