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Amongst fossil fuels Bangladesh is endowed with only limited reserve of gas and
coal. Failing to explore coal sector, she developed a gas dependent energy system,
thus caused early depletion of the reserve, leaving only about 12 TCF remaining.
With present consumption rate this reserve may be sufficient for next three to four
years. Presently the country is facing about 33 percent power deficiency where gas shortage accounts half of the shortfall. Few of the gas-based fertilizer factories
are closed, power connection to new industries is stalled and production of all
other industrial sectors is drastically reduced due to energy crisis. Poor quality
power supply costs the country as much as two percent in GDP growth each
year. Energy inefficiency also tolls the country about one-fourth of the energy
wastage. Under this crisis situation, it is essential for the country to explore
alternative energy options to meet her growing energy need. Despite having vast
renewable energy potentials, she could not yet commercialize the harnessing
process. Renewable energy is mostly being used in the rural areas meeting
domestic needs only. In this paper, descriptive study has been carried out on both
primary and secondary data sources to examine the energy sustainability with
her leftover fossil fuel reserve. The research also analyzed country’s alternative
energy potentials and viability coupled with the energy efficiency index. The
outcome of the research denotes that, about 80 percent electricity need of the
country can be tapped systematically from renewable sources. At the same time
energy efficiency improvement can give green solution to country’s growing
energy need now and for few contemplated years without additional generation.
Accordingly the paper recommends few viable alternative energy options and
energy efficiency strategy to meet the long term energy security.


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