• Staff Brigadier General (Pilot) Yahya Bin Abdullah Al Asiri, ndc NDC




The undeclared Iran nuclear development programme was exposed in early
2000. Since then Iran was under pressure by the United Nations (UN) and
international community. She was accused of conducting a covert nuclear
weapon development programme. However, Iran reiterates that the programme
is for peaceful purposes only. With Iran’s own history of conflicts and disputes
in the region, the question arises whether her nuclear capabilities had really
affected the regional security and her relations with the regional states. As a
member of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Iran has the right to
conduct nuclear research and produce safe nuclear energy. At present, the
nuclear issue is at a stalemate situation. The situation is aggravated by the
current disputes and conflicts between Iran and other Middle East states,
which led to the increase of insecurity level in the region. Thus, the objectives
of this study are to analyze Iran’s security and foreign policy; and her role in
the Middle East security issues, to analyze the capability of Iran’s weapon of mass destruction (WMD) and nuclear development programme and finally to
analyze the role and involvement of the UN, EU and the US in handling the
Iranian nuclear issue. In satisfying the objectives, a qualitative method where
primary and secondary sources were used. From the study conducted, Middle
East states and extra regional actors are going through a period of uncertainty
with increased insecurity over their future interest in the region. At the same
time, Iran’s nuclear development programme has provided her with sufficient
technologies and facilities that have threatened the regional states.


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