• Brigadier General G M Quamrul Islam, ndc, psc NDC




Terrorism has been a recurring phenomenon in the history of mankind. The
recent growing trend of terrorism is posing a serious threat to the peace and prosperity of some nations. South Asia is also engulfed in terrorist activities. It
has become a matter of both internal and external security concerns for all the
South Asian countries. They are transborder in nature and also received support
from outside world. A failure to curb this trend would seriously hinder the
regions’ as well as the world’s stability. Bangladesh is also no exception to that.
Though, apparently it seems that the symptoms of terrorism in Bangladesh is not
that grave, yet, it might escalate too fast provided we fail to take appropriate
measures to counter it. The regional co-operation among the stakeholders can
certainly play an important role to hinder and address the gradual growth of
terrorism. Regional approach has received great attention among policy makers
and various governments in recent years as a way to bolster mutual support
among countries against terrorist activities. The paper highlights an in depth
analysis about South Asian terrorism in particular, with special attention of
formation of a regional task force to fight the same. It may be mentioned that a
viable regional task force in South Asia will not only help in bringing about the
much needed regional peace, rather its spill over effect would certainly be a tool
for ensuring wider cooperation in this part of the globe like other regions e.g.
Association for South East Asian Nations, European Union, Gulf Cooperation
Council, etc.


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