• Brigadier Shah Zaman, ndc NDC




Since the fall of twin towers and attack on Pentagon on 11 September 2001,
Pakistan is in the forefront of Global War on Terror. The decision to support
US led war had far-reaching consequences on the security dimension of Pakistan.
Presently, terrorists mostly based across the border and sponsored by the hostile
elements are targeting Security Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and general
public including innocent civilians indiscriminately. Government of Pakistan
has conducted successful operations in various areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,
Balochistan, Karachi and other parts of mainland and currently such operations
are in terminal stage. The menace has not yet subsided completely and isolated
incidents of terrorism are still being conducted by the terrorists in FATA,
Balochistan, Karachi and in other parts of the country. But unfortunately,
Pakistan has yet to formulate a workable and comprehensive Counter Terrorism
Strategy at national level to address this issue of grave consequences. This
research was undertaken to understand the menace, trace out its history, origin
and causes of terrorism in Pakistan and factors abetting these evils. An endeavour
was also made to discover the linkages of terrorism in Pakistan with Afghan
Jihad, GWOT and ongoing militancy in Muslim world. In addition, Pakistan’s
existing Counter Terrorism strategy to fight the terrorists has also been analyzed
and comprehensive way forward with short and long term objectives has been
proposed. During the course of research, Counter Terrorism strategies / policies
of the countries like USA, UK, Sri Lanka and Israel etc were also consulted and it
was concluded that each country has its own peculiar environment and solution
of one country cannot be applied to other country in-ditto. However, one
common thing found was that Pakistan requires combination of Socio-Politico
and Politico-Military approach to Counter Terrorism involving all elements of
national power. The emphasis must however shall remain on Socio- Political
aspects as it needs much study, analysis and implementation in order to take the
entire population on board for lasting peace and prosperity.


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