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Solid Waste Management (SWM) is a challenging problem faced by the large cities of the world. The most important factor for the emergence of solid waste as an environmental problem is the increased volume of waste due to the lifestyle of an ever- increasing urban industrial society. Increasing quantity of solid waste and its collection and disposal in Dhaka City has emerged as a serious problem. Cleanliness and safe disposal of waste are essential to public health and environment protection. In Dhaka, waste management is inadequate; a significant portion of the population does not have access to service and only a fraction of waste is actually collected. System for transfer, recycling and disposal of waste is unsatisfactory from environmental, economic and financial points of view. SWM is of course a complex task, which hinges upon cooperation between households, communities, private enterprises and Dhaka City Corporation. It also depends on the selection and application of appropriate technical solutions for waste collection, transfer, recycling and disposal. In recent years, SWM has attracted increasing attention, from all concerned due to the mounting urgency of urban environmental problems. Therefore, there is need of capacity building at the level of municipal management.


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