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Appreciating the preeminence of geo-politics, geo-economics is now finding profound overtone in the security discourse of nations. The experts are now defining the security of nations, where maritime domain has a significant connotation alongside the terrestrial consideration in security.  Many nations and regions have come out of their sea-blindness and strategic insensitivity towards the oceans. Most significantly Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Latin America, and Europe have already engaged themselves in harnessing the benefits of "cooperative maritime security". In this respect, the need for cooperative maritime security to harness and preserve the marine resources merits serious attention, particularly in view of the transnational threats encompassing narco-terrorism, sea piracy, protection of marine environment, immigration control, natural disaster, gun-running, illegal fishing etc. In this paper the writer identified the pros and cons and came up with recommendations that could pave the way for future maritime cooperation in the region.

"Security means development. Security is not military hardware, though it may include it, security is not military force, though it may involve it, security is not traditional military activity, though it may encompass it. Security is development and without development there can be no security" - Robert McNamara


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