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North South University, the first private university (PU) in Bangladesh, was established in 1993 after the introduction of ‘Private University Act- 1992’. Every year the number of PU is on the rise. In last ten years alone, 52 new private universities have been established, making the number 79 according to the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. Actually there are 84 PU with three foreign universities at present. This confusion arises due to the mismanagement and coordination failure among the regulatory bodies. Student’s number is also increasing phenomenally; 314,640 students got admitted in 60 PU in the year 2012 alone. All these PU do not ensure quality of education because they are run on business purpose. Hence, they do not provide proper infrastructure, efficient faculty members, library and laboratory facilities and research facilities. 70% PU are located in Dhaka and provide mainly the job-oriented courses that attract huge number of students. Again, many PU administrations are engaged in corruption and selling of illegal certificates. Thus, they make money in the name of providing education and compromise quality with quantity. In this prevailing scenario outcome of public universities and PU showcase extreme differences. Experts think most of the private universities do not maintain quality education and few of them do not maintain education at all. Expressing their concern that existing facilities in PU do not facilitate the students in accessing global knowledge database, they call for responsible role from the regulatory bodies.


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