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Requirement of defence industry is more of strategic as increased foreign dependency is far too dangerous. Due to technological capability gap, financial limitations and small market size Bangladesh may not be able to acquire state of the art defence technology but always can pursue to acquire degree of self-reliance in selected field. At this backdrop, research attempts to identify areas and way forward for development of defence industry. This will assist all concerned to formulate strategy on defence production. The research revealed that defence technology though being highly monopolized, there are increasing trend of technology transfer through various types of offset obligations.An assessment on existing defence production capability through SWOT analysis identified that recent economic development, potential in civil sector; increase in capital purchase etc. gives tremendous opportunity for conceiving long term strategy for defence industry. The research explores the operational requirement and potential competencies of defence industries to identify short and long term production objective. A strategy of developing the industry in stages emphasizing the balanced development between defence and civil sector is preferred. Research figured out that fewbreakaway action planning five essential thrust areas should be the way forward. Methodology of technology acquisition, development of necessary facilities in stages, creation of an apex body and industry structure integrating indigenous capability and supportive procurement effort will be major drivers for change. This will definitely demand integrated effort at all levels to offer a long term perspective for indigenization in defence production and greater degree of self- reliance.


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