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An efficient transport system is a pre-requisite to systematic urbanization, enhanced trade, increased marketing with reduced cost, export-led faster growth and a larger share of connectivity. In order to implement modern multimodal transport plan a pragmatic, modern and visionary transport policy and implementing institution/arrangement is needed. Transport Policy should give out a concept/frame work on the corridor based developed transport infrastructures focusing the regional connectivity and beyond. But the lack of coordination amongst various ministries and agencies are responsible for imbalanced growth of transport sector. Therefore, a central mechanism called Transport Ministry encompassing the activities of all other transport related affairs may be raised to ensure coordination among the ministries for planned development of transport sector of Bangladesh. Apart from socio-economic reasons the modern transport layout will have positive impact on national security for speedy deployment and movement of forces to inaccessible places and bordering areas to counter trans-national security threat and natural disasters. To create a successful security umbrella, transport system development must be integrated into the strategic plan of the country. Bangladesh should lay top most priority on modern multimodal transport development and constant review of budget allocation for the transport sector.


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