• Deputy Inspector General Md. Mesbahun Nabi, ndc NDC




In Bangladesh, police is primarily concerned with the maintenance of law and order and security of persons and property of the individual; it also plays a vital role in the criminal justice system. The relationship between the members of the public and Police in Bangladesh ideally should be mutually beneficial.

The present study titled “Police- Public relations: Confidence building for law enforcement in Bangladesh” has been undertaken in order to make an elaborate assessment on status of the present Police- Public relations, legal frame work of Police- Public relations, identify the strength and weaknesses under the present legal system in terms of Police- Public relations. Moreover, study of public perception and the ground reality about reciprocity of police and public, interpreting the present scenarios on police- public relationship and its implications on the performance of police in Bangladesh and recommendations for effective police- public relations for the overall development of the country have been added in the research.

Bangladesh Police does not have any institutional framework on police- public relations, inadequate legal framework is also a weaker part of it. During the study a survey was carried out at six different districts on different classes of people including police officers. The study identifies some important factors which contribute to present police- public relations; which includes Social, organizational and human & psychological factors.  The study also gave some recommendations to enhance the existing relation between police and public. 

Being the main machinery of the government to look after the safety and security of the people Bangladesh Police should endeavor to be graduated from the traditional enforcement approach to the modern service oriented approach through its pro-people activities and gaining confidence.


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