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We live in a branded world. Bangladesh has made impressive and laudable progress in many fields, but international perception about the country seems largely negative. Many countries, both  developed and developing, are now aggressively  trying to” brand”  themselves  in order  to imprint on the minds of the international audience. They have taken multiple strategies to brand themselves with the unique characteristics and traits of the country/nation. Bangladesh should not be seen laggard to aggressively pursue country branding which is closely linked with her overall development efforts. Bangladesh has several signature issues to take pride on but the “vibrancy” of the people seems to be the single most important factor which has been the driving force for the country. An attempt has been made in this paper to analyze the rationale for branding the country as “Vibrant Bangladesh” while touching on the other unique characteristics of the country and its people. It is believed that effective and sustained persuasion of public diplomacy can help achieve the objective though it will require concerted efforts by all stakeholders, both at the public and private sector. Nation branding is not an option but a necessity, and this was the major highlight of the article.


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