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Climate change is perceived as the most critical of all environmental challenges
ever faced by humanity. It is not just an environmental issue but also an issue that
largely undermines economic and social dimensions of sustainable development.
Bangladesh is said to be particularly vulnerable to the predicted impacts of
climate change over the coming decades. Climate change will exacerbate impacts
such as droughts, floods and extreme weather events, which may contribute to
food shortages, infrastructure damage and degradation of natural resources upon
which livelihoods are based. The concern over climate change warrants special
attention for a country like Bangladesh because her economy relies heavily on
natural resources such as agriculture, water, fisheries, which makes her especially
vulnerable to climate change. Moreover, due to her unique geographical location
coupled with widespread poverty, weak infrastructure, high population density,
and distinctive development challenges, the overall consequence can be quite severe. This multifaceted problem needs multi actor involvement to address it both
at the local and national level. At the most basic level, there is a need for increased
awareness of the general public regarding climate change and its severe effects.
At the national level, it is essential to ensure integration of climate change risks
into various development policies. More so, it is of vital importance to implement
appropriate adaptation measures, for which the Government should take the
lead role to ensure sustained engagement of stakeholders- national, regional and
international organizations, private sectors and civil societies.


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