• Lieutenant Colonel Syed Md As-Sazid, psc, Infantry Bangladesh Army


Vaccine Nationalism, Vaccine Diplomacy, Vaccine Leaders, Health Silk Road, Vaccine Maitri


The Coronavirus Vaccine’, one of the world’s most coveted commodities, has become the new currency for international diplomacy. While the western world has resorted to staunch Vaccine Nationalism to preserve enough vaccines for their population, in the east, the race is for giving them away. India and China came forward in aid of the developing and poor nations while the rich western countries have been scooping up the world’s supplies. However, observers and scholars indicate that there is always an underlying race of regional supremacy behind this soft power diplomacy of the regional powers. Initially, India took the lead. Since March 2021, the intensity of the COVID situation in India turned the tide and offered China and Russia the opportunity to steer the world’s vaccine diplomacy. Recently, the USA, UK, Canada, Japan and a few other western countries have also come up with donations through the COVAX initiative. Bangladesh, an aspiring middle-income economy, is struck by COVID-19. The evolving situation is a litmus test for Bangladesh’s diplomatic skills, and the Bangladesh government is dealing with sheer pragmatism in striking a balance with all regional and extra-regional actors. Bangladesh is making vigorous efforts to explore all possible sources for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines. However, Bangladesh should also emphasize local production as well as the development of its local vaccines. Strong and relentless diplomatic persuasion should continue to acquire enough vaccines from the manufacturing countries and organizations, while constantly hammering to secure the promised ones from different sources.


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