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Many countries have inducted privatization in their respective Armed Forces since long. The aim of such privatization is to provide with a required level of defence at a minimum cost by tapping on to the resources, potentiality and expertise available in the private sector. Experiences of these countries depict that private sector's competitive nature and economy of scale provided the required services more efficiently and cost effectively. Though Bangladesh is strongly pursuing privatization in the civil sector, but defence is one sector that remains out of its scope. The orthodox dogma prevailing amongst us that privatization of defence sectors may compromise with the required degree of operational readiness required by the Armed Forces, is not based on substantial facts and figures. This paper, attempts to analyze the prospect of inducting privatization in the Bangladesh Armed Forces, particularly in the areas of logistics. In fact, privatization of logistics functions is a viable and cost-effective option, which is expected to render various advantages considering our meager budget and manpower constraints. However, such privatization will require policy shift, establishment of organizational framework and change in our attitude towards the subject.


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